​The work within the Swedish Wind Power Technology Centre is conducted as projects within the larger project, coordinated between several thematic groups or as small individual projects. The larger project aims to coordinate the smaller projects so that complete and optimal wind turbines can be constructed.
Responsibility for the daily operation of the Centre lies with the Manager, with the thematic leaders for each thematic group and finally with the project managers for each project. Recommendation on which projects should be started by the programme board that has a majority of industry participants. The formal final decision on the allocation of funds is taken by Chalmers' rector. Once a year, or when necessary, a partners' meeting is held where decisions on new members are taken.
Research is conducted within six theme groups that reflect the design and operation of wind turbines. These are Power and Control Systems, Turbine and Wind loads, Mechanical Systems and Structures, Offshore, Maintenance and Eeliability as well as Cold Climate. Activities are geared toward traditional wind turbines using the latest material technology and excellent research and production methodologies. Furthermore, the importance of efficient maintenance of turbines becomes apparent when the number of turbines increases significantly and they are placed in inaccessible places such as the mountains and the sea. A suitable working area for the Centre is working with design issues to prepare for effective maintenance.
The leaders for the theme groups are:
​Power and Control Systems Ola Carlson​ ​Chalmers University of Technology
​Turbine and Wind loads ​Lars Davidson ​Chalmers University of Technology
​Mechanical Systems and Structures ​Viktor Berbyuk ​Chalmers University of Technology
​Offshore ​Rasmus Rempling ​Chalmers University of Technology
​Maintenance and Reliability ​Michael Patriksson ​Chalmers University of Technology
​Cold Climate ​Jan-Olov Aidanpää ​Luleå University of Technology
The Advisory Board in SWPTC consists of the following members:
​Matthias Rapp (chairman) ​Straits International
​Tomas Kåberger ​Chalmers University of Technology
​Andreas Gustafsson ​The Swedish Energy Agency
​Ingemar Gunnarsson ​Göteborg Energi
​Jan-Olov Aidanpää ​​Luleå University of Technology
​Per Wärn ​Marström Composite
​Ola Daleke ​NCC Construction Sverige
​Tord Östlund ​Röbergsfjället Vind
​Lars Liljenfeldt ​Swerea
​Rikard Bertilsson ​Winfoor

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