A research centre for construction of wind turbines

Wind power in Sweden has expanded greatly in recent times and the development is expected to continue. This entails strong demand for skills and personnel. To continue to support Swedish industry with expertise in wind power design issues and to train new generations of engineers with good knowledge of the subject, the Swedish Wind Power Technology Centre will be pushed into a second phase.  
The purpose of SWPTC is to continue to support Swedish industry with expertise in wind power design and to train new generations of engineers with excellent knowledge of the subject. During the four years of stage 1 a solid basic level of skills has been created in several relevant areas of technology, mainly at Chalmers University but also at Luleå University of Technology, Swerea and at industrial companies involved in the Centre. During stage 2, the built-up foundation skills will be further developed into special expertise in wind energy technology.
The aim of the Centre's ongoing activity is to build component and system knowledge of the entire wind turbine and associated systems to enable:
  • Swedish development and production of components and subsystems.
  • Research of the highest calibre with the aim of optimal wind turbines and subsystems.
  • Well-established research to determine the remaining life of a power plant

The Centre's more specific arim is that the activity will lead to improvements in wind turbines. The Centre has decided to adopt NREL's turbine: 5 MW wind turbines with 126 metre rotor diameter and tower height of 90 metres. In relation to this type of wind turbine the research will lead to:

  • New materials being used in blade design that can provide weight reduction in other components 
  • An increased life span by 50% to about 30 years because of better load prediction, lower construction weights and preventive maintenance. 
  • Developing electric power technology within wind energy so that cost-effective power generation can be developed.
  • Production increase of up to 10% with wind turbines in cold climates.

Page manager Published: Tue 23 Apr 2019.