Model verification and testing of wind turbines systems by VSC-based testing equipment

​The goal of the project is to investigate the application of VSC-based testing equipment for model validation of wind turbines. The advantages and limitations of the use of VSC-based testing equipment for model validation and testing of wind turbine is investigated in this project. That includes frequency characterization of wind turbine to detect possible control interaction between wind turbine and the interconnecting system i.e. HVDC or AC collector grid, and testing of the generating unit for different scenarios for both normal and faulty condition of the grid. In order to validate the investigated methodology, the project includes a comprehensive comparison between the developed simulation models, small scale wind turbine and testing equipment model and full power test at a 4 MW wind turbine and an 8 MW HVDC test system in Gothenburg.

Page manager Published: Tue 02 Feb 2016.