Load- and Risk-based Maintenance Management for Wind Turbines

​Wind turbines have proven to be a promising solution in a sustainable energy system. Reliability of wind turbines has become an important factor, which will decide the extent of wind power in future energy system. Failures in wind turbines, typically, take longer to repair and lead to higher revenue losses. This project proposes a maintenance management framework which intends to provide guidelines to wind farm owners to predict failures and reduce the time to repair the failures. The availability of large amount of measurement data for wind turbines has made it possible to develop new methods to predict future failures in wind turbines. This project also presents a method to use the different types of measurement data from wind turbine to predict failure in critical wind turbine components. This information can be used to schedule a maintenance activity to replace the component that might fail thereby reducing risk of unplanned failure.

Page manager Published: Wed 03 Feb 2016.