The Swedish Electricity Storage and Balancing Centre, SESBC

Our vision is that the future energy system will be sustainable, and the electric power system will play a critical role for the realization of the 100% renewable-based society, where the electric power system shall not be a limiting factor for society progress – available, secure and reliable at any place, at any scale, and at any time. 
The Swedish Electricity Storage and Balancing Centre will be a key enabler for reaching the 100% renewable system through the establishment of an interdisciplinary and internationally competitive Swedish hub for excellence in research and industrial collaboration. Cutting-edge research will be conducted with focus on three research and innovation layers: systems, materials and devices for energy storage and intelligent energy management systems. The broad consortium of 5 academic and 30 non-academic stakeholders provides an enormous potential to drive innovation and transfer knowledge to industry and public actors.​

Page manager Published: Wed 15 Jun 2022.