The Chair Programme has its origin in the former centre CoCAS. Some activities reported on this site describes events (workshops/conferences and visiting researchers) that are emanated from GoCAS.

The Chair Programme invites (evaluation criteria are listed at the end):

• Nominations for a distinguished Chair
With the full support of the Chair Programme (both salary and administrative support), the Chair is expected to lead a thematic program, jointly agreed upon by the Chair and the Steering Board of the Centre, to gather scientists, from Chalmers and/or the University of Gothenburg and/or external universities and partners, for a period of one to three months. The aim is to run these thematic programs with an average of 10-15 scientists per week, where we encourage people to stay for at least one week. The thematic programs are envisioned to attract a broad range of scientists, from different fields, and to be arranged such that there is a focus on the interactions of the involved scientists.

We are looking for nominees with an outstanding scientific track record. There is no particular age bracket to be considered. Due to the obligations of the Chair, the nominee is also expected to have organizational experience. It should furthermore be clear that the topical choice is suitable for a thematic programme. Please provide a brief example of how such a thematic programme, lead by the nominee, could create interactions between otherwise different fields of research. It is also expected that outreach to the general public of some kind is arranged during the period that the Chair is appointed for (preferably rather early in the appointment period).

The nomination should contain a cover letter outlining the above criteria, a two-page CV of the nominee, a list of publications, and preferably a researcher ID (such as ORCID). The nomination should also include a letter of intent from the nominee stating the time period the he/she will be present in Gothenburg. Please submit the nomination to Bernt Wennberg, . 

Evaluation criteria:

There will be two overall criteria that we wish to spread the GoCAS activities over scientific disciplines and obtain a gender balance.

For the chair position the criteria are:

•   Novelty and originality
•   Scientific quality of the proposed research
•   Merits of the nominee
•   Feasibility - prior experience of coordinating larger projects or networks is thus an advantage
•  Cross-disciplinary approach of the project. 

Page manager Published: Wed 18 Nov 2020.