ALMA Bands 2/2+3 Workshop (May 23rd-24th, 2016)

​This is a 2 day workshop to discuss ongoing work on the ALMA Bands 2 and 2+3 systems.Specifically, we will discuss implementation, future impacts, and defining and attaining the science goals. The timing is particularly important as the Band 2+3 study enters Phase B.


ESO logotypeOrganizing Committee
Victor Belitsky (Chalmers)
Daisuke Iono (NAO)
Robert Laing (ESO)
Tony Mroczkowski (ESO)
Leonardo Testi (ESO, conference chair)
Wouter Vlemmings (Chalmers)
Alwyn Wootten (NRAO)
Pavel Yagoubov (ESO)

This workshop is intended to be small and focused, so attendance may be limited. Opportunities to present may become available once we have a full participant list and begin planning the meeting agenda.

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