Lipid Nanoparticle Generation and Characterization

The aim of this project is development of an analytical toolbox that will offer informed designs of polynucletide nanoparticle (LNP-, EV- and exosome-based) carriers and guide studies of their biological function, including their interactions with cell membrane mimics of outer cell membranes and endosomes, to thereby optimize functional release. It is also the ambition to develop a theoretical understanding of the interaction of nanoscale delivery vehicles with cellular and endosomal membranes, and let predictions from corresponding simulations guide experimental designs.

​Lead academic principle investigator: Fredrik Höök (Chalmers),
Industrial and academic partners: Lennart Lindfors and Annette Bak (AstraZeneca), Marcus Wilhelmsson (Chalmers), Vironova, Nanolyze, Camurus.

Page manager Published: Mon 19 Apr 2021.