Exosome Biology and RNA-loading

The aim of this project is to understand the components of EVs that govern cellular uptake and endosomal escape and to use this information to design EVs and LNPs that increase delivery of RNA therapeutics. In particular, we here aim to elucidate the efficacy of different EVs to enter cells and identify proteins important for uptake. Such proteins will be introduced on EVs and LNPs and the delivery of small RNAs will initially be assessed, which will be combined with studies using genetically engineer different producer cells with florescent reporters that will aid the analysis of uptake kinetics of different EV sources in different recipient cells.

​Lead academic principal investigator: Samir El-Andaloussi (Karolinska Institutet)
Industrial and academic partners: Anna Collén and Per-Erik Strömstedt (AstraZeneca), Elin Esbjörner and Marcus Wilhelmsson (Chalmers).

Page manager Published: Mon 19 Apr 2021.