R&I Sustainable Energy

R&I Sustainable Energy is led by Johan Liu who is one of the pioneers and world leaders in graphene-based cooling technology. 

Johan will be supported by Ivan Mijakovic, an expert in biomedical applications of graphene and Aleksandar Matic, whose main expertise is research on new energy storage concepts involving graphene and related 2D materials. These research efforts will be supported by Eva Olsson, an expert in high-resolution atomic scale characterization techniques.

The focus of this R&I line lies on the development of sustainable novel methods and processes based on 2D materials for the efficient use and storage of energy. 

  • 2D materials for thermal management applications
  • Self-supporting graphene structures for next generation energy storage systems
  • Graphene-coatedbioenergy extraction
  • Enabling design of optimal devices

Page manager Published: Tue 14 Apr 2020.