R&I Multifunctional Composites

R&I Multifunctional Composites is performed by an interdisciplinary team of experts in materials science, polymer engineering, composite materials and modelling. The line is led by Vincenzo Palermo, who is also the Vice-Director of the Graphene Flagship. Vincenzo will be supported by Leif Asp, Brina Blinzler, Roland Kádár, and Xiaoyan Zhang who pursue research on graphene in bulk polymer materials including material synthesis, nano-composites processing, rheological characterization, covalent and non-covalent functionalization, multiscale modelling as input to composite materials processing and performance analysis. 

The infrastructure in 2D-TECH has comprehensive capabilities for the development of functional materials, including laboratories and equipment for the realization, processing and characterization of films and coatings, for thermoplastic and thermosetting polymer-based 2D material composites. 

The focus of this R&I lies on exploiting 2D materials for multifunctional composite applications in automotive, aerospace and packaging industries. 

In phase 1 of the center, we will perform research on

  • Structural battery composites design, manufacture and demonstration
  • 2D Gas barriers for packaging
  • Microstructure optimization and orientation of 2D-nano structures in a bulk polymer
  • Chemical functionalization of graphene in a large scale for composites and coating

Page manager Published: Tue 14 Apr 2020.