R&I Electronics

R&I Electronics is performed by experts in the field of 2D material-based electronics.  The line will be led by Herbert Zirath expert on high data rate communication.  

Herbert will be supported by Marianna Ivashina, and Avgust Yurgens. 

The key infrastructure at Chalmers includes access to state-of-the-art cleanroom facilities for the fabrication process, as well as a world-class measurement facility that enables the center to characterize the manufactured devices and circuits.

The focus of this R&I line lies on flexible and transparent antennas as well as radar and THz sensors for automotive and aerospace industries. In particular, research will be performed on

  • Graphene Transmitters and Receivers for millimeterwave communication and sensing
  • Transparent Antenna Arrays for Communications and Sensors at THz and mmWaves by Graphene and Nano-Mesh Film
  • Graphene THz direct detectors with thermoelectric readout

Page manager Published: Tue 14 Apr 2020.