2D-TECH seminars & webinars

Spring 2022

28 February, 15:00
Presentations of GCC/2D-TECH PhD Awardees 2021Muhammad Asad & Dmitrii Khokhriakov

14 March, 15:00
Kari Hjelt, Head of Innovation at Graphene Flagship
Commercial applications of graphene - How far have we reach?

28 March, 15:00
Daniel Neumaier, Chair of smart sensor systems, University of Wuppertal
Graphene based electronic and sensor devices: Recent progress and manufacturing related challenges.​

11 April, 15:00
Dmitri K. Efetov, Chair of Solid-State Physics, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität
Plethora of Many-Body Ground States in Magic Angle Twisted Bilayer Graphene​

25 April, 15:00
Johan Ek Weis, Swedish National Strategic Innovation Programmme on Graphene (SIO Grafen)
Bringing 2D materials from the lab to the industry​

9 May, 15:00
Bodo Fiedler, Head of the Institute of Polymer and Composites, Hamburg University of Technology
Damage tolerance of few-layer graphene modified CFRP: From thin-to thick-ply laminates

Fall 2021

Due to Covid-19 we will have online webinars until futher notice. Find all information in the 2D-TECH calendar.

6 September
Timur Shegai, Chalmers, 2D-TECH
One-dimensional edges in two-dimensional materials

20 September
Leif Asp, Chalmers, 2D-TECH
Structural battery composites for mass-less energy storage

4 October
Bill Qu, The sixth element (Changzhou), Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (China)
Mass production of graphene oxide (1000 tons) and its applications

18 October
Costas Galiotis, University of Patras (Greece)
Graphene as a multi-functional additive to engineering composites

1 November 
Saroj Dash, Chalmers, 2D-TECH
Graphene and beyond

15 November
Deji Akinwande, University of Texas (USA)
2D electronics: tattoos to 5G switches

29 November
Gianluca Fiori, Dipartimento di ingegneria dell’informazione, University of Pisa (Italy)
Perspectives of 2D materials for electronics applications

Spring 2021

​1 March 15.00
Presentations of GCC/2D-TECH PhD Awardees 2020:
Samuel Brem, Physics & Hans He, MC2

15 March, 16.00
Alexander Balandin, University of California
Thermal Management and Electromagnetic Interference Shielding with Graphene and Low-Dimensional van der Waals Materials

29 March 15.00
Nikolaus Nestle, BASF
Black flakes with green value proposition – graphene in composites and coatings for sustainability

12 April, 15.00
Letizia Bocchi, Medica
Graphene enhanced filters for water purification

26 April, 15.00
Elmar Bonaccurso, Airbus
Graphene as Ingredient for Next-Generation Materials, Structures & Systems - Towards a more versatile and easier to integrate heater mat technology for Ice Protection applications

10 May, 15.00
Libai Huang, Purdue University
Spatial and Temporal Imaging of Exciton Transport in Two-Dimensional Heterostructures

24 May, 15.00
Pablo Herrero, MIT
The Magic of Moiré Quantum Matter

Fall 2020

21 September 13:00
Bernard Placais, CNRS, Paris
Cooling pathways of out-of-equilibrium electrons in graphene
Slides from the presentation​

5 October 15:00
Jeanie Lau, Ohio State University
Quantum Transport in High Mobility 2D Materials

19 October 13:00
Maurizio Peruzzini, National Research Council
Chemical properties and catalytic applications of exfoliated Black Phosphorus

2 November 13:00
Luca Pierantoni, Università Politecnica delle Marche
Electromagnetic and Quantum Transport in the Multiphysics Modeling of Nanodevices

16 November 13:00
Atac Imamoglu, ETH Zurich
Optical signatures of strongly correlated electrons in two dimensional semiconductors

30 November 13:00
Guidetti Gloria, Tetrapak Packaging, Modena
Design and potential applications of nanomaterial in food packaging

14 December 13:00
George Deligeorgis, Foundation for Research & Technology Hellas, Crete


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