Living & working in Gothenburg

​Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city, with approximately 
520 000 inhabitants living within the city centre and 930 000 living in the Gothenburg region. 

Gothenburg is both a historical and an international city. The climate in Gothenburg has been an international one since the city was founded in 1621. The city’s first council consisted of five Dutchmen, two Germans, two Scots and three Swedes and the city had three official languages at this time. 

Today the international feel of the city can be largely attributed to the influence of people from abroad. English is widely spoken and television programmes can be viewed in Swedish (of course), English, German, French and many other languages. 

You will find yourself feeling very much at home in Gothenburg after only a short time. It is a city that embraces a top quality of life, a rich cultural scene, a clean environment, good connections to the rest of Europe, a beautiful coastline and lots of accessible green areas. 

Move to Gothenburg - Your guide to moving to, living, working and studying in the Gothenburg region 
• The Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) 


Published: Mon 26 Mar 2012. Modified: Wed 15 Mar 2017