The Avancez-emblem is a symbol of our heritage (the motto of our founder William Chalmers: Avancez!) and can be used in combination with our logo. The Chalmers logotype can be used without the Avancez-emblem, but the emblem should not be used without the logotype. There are four versions of the emblem; black (for white or light coloured backgrounds), white (for black or dark coloured backgrounds), and the black & white emblem, which is black with a white filling (for mixed backgrounds, e.g. photos).

Originals for download

You can download high quality versions for professional printing. The downloaded Avancez-emblem can then be imported/ placed/ mounted into your document. The images are vectorised and can be scaled without loss of quality, but be sure not to distort the image.

Download the Avancez-emblem, black
Download the Avancez-emblem, white
Download the Avancez-emblem, black with white filling

Published: Thu 14 Oct 2010. Modified: Thu 02 Nov 2017