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Premises and campus

"One Chalmers – two campuses with internationally sought after research and teaching environments" is the new vision for development of the Chalmers campus environment.

Chalmers is located on two campuses in the city of Göteborg. Five minutes walk from Götaplatsen is Johanneberg campus, and in the middle of the expansive Norra Älvstranden (north of the river) is Lindholmen campus with e.g. the IT University and Department of Maritime Studies.

What is more, Chalmers conducts research at Onsala Space Observatory 45 km south of Göteborg and at the Lundberg Laboratory on Medicinareberget in Göteborg.

Chalmersfastigheter's business is administering, rebuilding and extending premises and properties for Chalmers. Its main task is to create attractive, competitive campuses which are fit for purpose, and where every square metre is intended to engender a feeling of a world-class campus. The work has also focused on renting out premises to clients who see an added value in working in a creative and inspiring campus environment.

We believe in an environment that produces creative encounters between researchers, students and the business world. An environment to feel proud of. An environment in which to develop and feel happy.

Onsala Space Observatory

Published: Thu 14 Oct 2010. Modified: Fri 23 Feb 2018