Study environment

Rules of procedure for undergraduate programmes
Ref. C2008/271
Approved by the President on March 17, 2008, to be in force from February 28, 2008.

Responsibility for the students' total resource environment shall include purpose-designed teaching premises, facilities for independent study and the creation of a stimulating educational environment. The University's students and teachers should be able to work in a good resource situation that facilitates a developmental teaching environment with close contact between students and faculty members. During his/her education the student should have access to study counselling, occupational counselling and social support. Chalmers University of Technology is governed by the Equal Treatment of Students at Universities Act (SFS 2001:1286). The aim of the Act is to promote equal rights for students and applicants and to counteract discrimination arising from gender affiliation, ethnic affiliation, religion or other faith, sexual orientation or disability.

The University is responsible for ensuring that the students are insured against personal injury in conjunction with their university education in accordance with the insurance terms and conditions applicable at Chalmers.

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