Students' rights

Rules of procedure for undergraduate programmes
Ref. C2008/271
Approved by the President on March 17, 2008, to be in force from February 28, 2008.

Admission, teaching and examination shall be conducted in such a manner that the individual student has ready access to decisions that have been reached. The student is entitled to information regarding assessment and grading in conjunction with examinations. The student should, if necessary with the support of a student ombudsman, be able to lodge complaints in cases where the person in question does not feel that he/she has been treated justly. A student must be a member of the student union at Chalmers and pay a membership fee. Through representative democracy the students appoint, via the student union, their representatives on different university bodies. The student union safeguards the interests of its members.

Students who do not seek admission to the student union at Chalmers, or who fail to pay the membership fee for such a union, are barred from teaching and examinations until the student has discharged his/her obligations. A degree certificate or PhD certificate is not issued to a student before the fee has been paid. A decision is reached in the manner decided by the President.

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