Openness and insight

Rules of procedure for undergraduate programmes
Ref. C2008/271
Approved by the President on March 17, 2008, to be in force from February 28, 2008.

At Chalmers University of Technology the principle of public access to official records and the Official Secrets Act are applicable. The student is entitled to access to information about himself/herself as a person registered at Chalmers. The student is entitled to see the marking and grading of an examination. The concluding degree project, which is an important part of the education programme, must be reported openly, both in writing and verbally, although a minor part of the work can be added as a confidential enclosure to the report on condition that this has been agreed upon by the student, supervisor and examiner in advance and that it is not a requirement to pass the course. Confidentiality regarding information in the enclosure is examined in the event of a possible request for it to be made available. An examiner should have full insight into the whole of the examination project.

Following grading and examination the student is entitled to sign for and collect examination answers, project reports or other material which the student has produced in conjunction with the examination (or a copy of the material).

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