Content of the course programme and implementation

Rules of procedure for undergraduate programmes
Ref. C2008/271
Approved by the President on March 17, 2008, to be in force from February 28, 2008.

The course programme should be founded on scientific or artistic grounds and proven experience. The content and orientation of the course programme should be linked to the University's areas of competence.

The course programme should be run partly in the form of a programme which leads to an internationally recognised degree and also in the form of independent courses. The course programmes should be described in the programme and course syllabuses, which specify the prior knowledge requirements, arrangement, educational objectives and examination requirements.

The length of the courses and course programmes is stated using a credit system, where full-time studies during a standard period of studies (40 weeks) comprises 60 credits.

The students must be registered for the courses they wish to take. The right to be credited for results following participation in a programme applies only to students who are registered for that programme.
Teaching in the form of lectures is normally only open to everyone subject to the availability of places. Other teaching is only open to students who are registered for the programme. The President can, if special reasons exist, reach another decision in an individual case.

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