Rules of procedure for undergraduate programmes
Ref. C2008/271
Approved by the President on March 17, 2008, to be in force from February 28, 2008.

Certain decisions are of major significance to completion of studies. The student is entitled to an examination of decisions on the following issues. In addition, the student can contact the Chalmers student ombudsman with his/her complaints.
The student ombudsman represents the student's interests.
The task and function of the student ombudsman are laid down in the manner decided by the Board. Matters which can be appealed are:

  1. A decision that an applicant for a course programme does not satisfy the eligibility requirements for admission onto the programme.
  2. A decision regarding crediting of a course. 
  3. A decision regarding rejection of a student's request for a degree certificate or course certificate. 
  4. A decision not to grant an admitted person postponement of commencement of studies or to continue his/her studies following a study break. 
  5. A request for a new examiner.

A student at Chalmers who considers himself/herself to be aggrieved or unjustly treated can lodge a complaint of a decision that has been reached. Complaints must be submitted in writing and be received by the University's registrar within three weeks from the date of notification of the decision. The decision shall be reviewed on the same level as it was reached the first time. When the decision is not changed in the way that the student requested the complaint shall be referred to the committee which is stated in the Rules of Discipline for students at Chalmers University of Technology. The committee shall see to it that the matter is investigated in a requisite order, and make a decision after a presentation of reports. Concerning quorum and voting the regulations in the Rules of Discipline shall be applied.

The student may appeal against the decision by the committee to the Board of Chalmers tekniska högskola AB. A complaint must be lodged in writing and be received by the University no later than three weeks from the date of notification of the committee's decision. Before the Board's decision the matter shall be prepared by a group consisting of

  • an external member of the Board
  • the chairman of the Faculty Board
  • the chairman of the Student Union
  • an expert as presenter

The Board is permitted to decide matters per capsulam.

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