Rules of procedure for undergraduate programmes
Ref. C2008/271
Approved by the President on March 17, 2008, to be in force from February 28, 2008.

The current Admission Regulations including application, eligibility and selection at Bachelor's (also undergraduate) and Master's level (also graduate or advanced).

Students who are admitted onto a course programme at Chalmers should have the pre-requisites for profiting from the teaching. The forms and conditions for admission onto a course programme are laid down by the President.
At Chalmers there is an admission procedure. To be admitted onto an undergraduate programme at Chalmers an applicant should have the prerequisites in terms of knowledge to complete his/her studies (see below regarding eligibility).
For continuing professional education and further education, students can be admitted in order to take a specific course or a programme.
An application for admission to study at Chalmers shall be made at the time and in the manner decided by the President.
A person who has been admitted must commence studies during the term for which the application is made otherwise the place is forfeited. If there are special reasons, the student can be granted the opportunity to commence studies at a later date. Students who take a break in their studies may resume their studies within one year. Studies can also be resumed at a later date subject to availability of places and on condition that the President has granted consent.


A basic eligibility examination is made to determine whether the applicant has completed a national programme at high school, has the equivalent Swedish or foreign education or has acquired the equivalent knowledge through another process.
The applicant should have the necessary knowledge in the language of the course programme. This normally means that a person who has a native language other than Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic or Faroese shall have the requisite knowledge of Swedish. For those courses or programmes which are run in a language other than Swedish, an examination of knowledge of this language is required in the same way.
A special eligibility examination is made to determine whether the person seeking admission onto a programme at Chalmers has the specific prior knowledge which is relevant for the course programme in question. Requirements for special eligibility could include:

  1. Knowledge in a subject in the national high school programme or equivalent knowledge
  2. Knowledge from one or more university courses or 
  3. Other conditions which are determined by the course programme or which are of significance to the professional field for which the programme is preparing the student.
Real expertise shall be taken into account.

Selection among applicants

If it is not possible to admit all eligible applicants onto a course or course programme, a selection process must take place among the applicants.
Selection must take place in such a way that consideration is given in the first instance to the applicants' merits.
When making a selection, one or more of the following selection criteria must be used: grades, national university aptitude test, previous education and work experience.
In the light of the Chalmers aim to achieve a more even gender distribution among the students, consideration can also be given to gender, in cases where merits are generally equal, in order to improve the recruitment of students from a strongly underrepresented gender.

Course programmes not directed at beginners

As regards courses and programmes which are not directed at beginners, special conditions apply for eligibility and selection. The conditions are stated in the admission rules.


The President can, if special reasons exist, decide to admit an applicant who has not been admitted through the normal admission process.

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