Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is a body that advises the President and consists of elected representatives from the faculty of all Chalmers’ departments. Its tasks include ensuring that there is a good academic environment and reviewing academic quality.

The Faculty Senate comprises 26 members, including the Chair and Vice Chair. They are joined at their meetings by representatives from the Student Union, the doctoral student section and the library, and the President and the Pro-Vice-Chancellor. The role of the President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor in meetings is to highlight current information about Chalmers as a whole, to answer and address members’ questions and to listen to and engage in agenda items and discussions.

In particular, the Faculty Senate will:

  • ensure there is a good academic environment at Chalmers,
  • monitor and critically review operational quality from an academic perspective,
  • draw attention to the ethical aspects of all Chalmers’ work, including gender equality and diversity,
  • consider the relationship between research, doctoral programmes and undergraduate education,
  • help Chalmers to fulfil its role within the international science community in accordance with the Bologna declaration 1988,
  • ensure that Chalmers’ lecturers and students are guaranteed the traditional academic freedoms of thought, expression and action (see Academic freedoms and rights at Chalmers 1995) (In Swedish only). ​​

Page manager Published: Tue 01 Feb 2022.