Faculty Senate

- role, work and organization

Admitted 2012-10-01, valid until further notice
The Faculty Senate is an advisory group to the President consisting of  25 (including the Chairman and Vice Chairman) elected members from Chalmers teaching staff representing all 13 departments. Present at the Faculty Senate meetings are also the President and /or First Vice President. The President's role is: (i) to inform about issues that are current or specifically requested by the Faculty Senate, (ii) to answer or respond to questions from the members, and (iii) to listen and contribute to the meeting, information points and discussions.

The Senate's role is to:

•    discuss and provide input on issues regarding research and education
•    initiate and discuss long-term strategic issues of importance to Chalmers development
•    discuss and provide input on issues of interaction with society and business
•    act as a link between the faculty and the University Management Group, by each member:
      - raising current issues at their respective departments at the Faculty Senate meetings
      - informing back to the department about the discussions at the Faculty Senate 

The Faculty Senate shall in particular:

•    preserve a good intellectual environment at Chalmers
•    monitor and critically assess quality from an academic perspective
•    give attention to ethical issues, including equality and diversity, in all activities at Chalmers
•    consider the relationship between research, graduate- and undergraduate education
•    help Chalmers fulfill its role in the international scientific community in accordance with the Bologna Declaration 1988


See more information about the members of the Faculty Senate here

Published: Fri 11 Oct 2019.