Organisation of Undergraduate and Master's education

Chalmers educational offer has a wide variety: From the Engineering preparatory year, to the 29 educational programmes resulting in BSc and professional MSc degrees in Architecture, Engineering, Shipping and Teaching, along with some 40 specialist master programmes open to students worldwide.

Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson, Vice president for Education and Lifelong Learning, is the head of undergraduate and graduate education. She is supported by the Executive Committe for Education including the five Deans of Education, a student representative, an advisor and a finance officer. The Executive Committe for Education meets weekly over the semesters.

You may reach the Vice President for Education and Lifelong Learning by sending an e-mail to

​Chalmers' Education is divided into five educational areas

Four of the educational areas are responsible for the educational programmes within their respective subject areas and the fifth area comprises all education in lifelong learning, regardless of subject area. In practice, this means that each educational area is responsible for ensuring that thousands of students receive progressive education of high standard.​

Educational areas and Deans of Education

  • Architecture and Civil Engineering  -  Mia Bondelind
  • Electric, computer, IT and industrial engineering - Jörgen Blennow
  • Lifelong learning: Ulrika Lundqvist
  • Physics, chemistry and biological engineering along with mathematics and engineering preparatory year - Nikola Markovic
  • Mechanical engineering, mechatronics and automation, design along with shipping and marine engineering - Mikael Enelund
You may reach them through the profile pages below. The Deans of Education for the four programme organizing educational areas are supported by a management group comprising Heads of Programme and support staff.

Heads of programme 

Planning and development of Chalmers educational programmes is lead by Heads of Programme (first-cycle education) and Directors of Master’s Programme (second-cycle education). Each programme has a programme advisory board with delegates from the industry and the departments delivering course to the programme.

You may read more about the educational programmes and their respective Head of Programme/Director of Master’s Programme at the Student Portal​.

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