Chalmers Open Access policy

Chalmers has the ambition to make all published research results freely available to everyone, this is known as Open Access.

To ensure that Chalmers' scientific results are disseminated as widely as possible, the President has decided to introduce an Open Access Policy, which applies from January 1, 2010. This is in accordance with the Berlin Declaration on Open Access, to which the Association of Swedish Higher Education is a signatory. It is also in accordance with the requirements of an increasing number of research funding bodies.

The Open Access Policy at Chalmers means that:

  • All research published by Chalmers' researchers must be made available in an open archive, normally within six months of publication although no later than 12 months. This means that researchers at Chalmers must submit a full-text copy of all their publications in electronic form to A publication reference must also be registered in, referring to the copy submitted (earlier decision C2004/700).
  • Transfer of copyright should be avoided if possible. The author ought to secure the right to parallel publish his/her work, and must at least retain the right to deposit it in an open archive within six months at the latest, or in exceptional cases within 12 months.
  • Researchers at Chalmers are recommended to publish in journals that are freely available, so-called Open Access journals, when this is appropriate. Exceptions from this policy can be granted in exceptional cases. In such cases there must be prestige-related reasons for publishing a specific scientific work in a journal that does not accept parallel publication. A request for exception must be made in writing directly to the First Vice President.