The Will of William Chalmers (1811-2011)

Commemorating Chalmers' founding donation
 "Of my own free will and with sound mind, I hereby appoint the property I will leave behind as I depart from this earth to a better world, in the matter indicated below. All that which I will leave behind, my fixed and liquid assets, I dedicate to the Sahlgrenska Hospital here in the city and to the future establishment of  a certain Industrial School for poor children, who shall learn  to read and write and who shall be and remain the sole heirs, [och det til Tvaskiftes] or in two equal parts. For the future Industrial School I hereby appoint and ordain the Masons Barnhus Direction as founders.“
Thus begins the testament signed by Cancellie Rådet William Chalmers in Gothenburg June 11, 1811 in the presence of three witnesses, declaring the donation that enabled the founding of Chalmers in 1829.
The year 2011 marks the 200th anniversary of this date. We celebrate this anniversary with a series of activities to take place throughout the year.
On July 3, Chalmers University of Technology, Chalmers Student Union and Chalmersska Ingenjörsföreningen gathered at the grave of William Chalmers at Stampen cemetery in Svingeln, Gothenburg, to lay down a wreath to commemorate 200 years since his death.
"For us, it is a matter of course that we pay homage to the memory of William Chalmers. His importance for the university's founding cannot be overstated. This year, in 2011, we are giving it even more thought than usual, and we will commemorate the 200 years since the writing of his will, and 200 years since his passing. Laying a wreath at the grave of William Chalmers is a nice and simple way to show our respect and gratitude for his work,” said Chalmers Vice President Mats Viberg, who represented the university leadership at the wreath-laying ceremony.

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