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Being of sound mind and of my own volition, I do hereby ordain and declare that my estate, after I take leave of this Earth to pass to a better world, shall be administered in the manner determined herein.
I do hereby ordain that Sahlgrenska Hospital in this city, and an Industrial School to be established henceforth for impoverished children who are already proficient in reading and writing, shall in this instant and in the time to come be the sole beneficiaries of my estate, comprising chattels, effects and heritable property, of what nature and kind soever, and that the said estate shall be apportioned in two equal parts.
Sahlgrenska Hospital has its own Directorate which, subject to the same responsibilities and in like manner as set forth in His Most Gracious Majesty’s Ordinances, are duty bound to receive, preserve and administer their apportioned share for the expansion and furtherance of the fair and best interests of the said establishment. For the envisioned Industrial School, I hereby designate and appoint the Masonic Orphanage Directorate to assume the role of founders, directors and administrators, on observance of the accountability and restraints imposed by the local Masonic community, and to hereafter assign the same to the parties charged with the duty of administering the Orphanage. In consequence hereof, the Masonic Orphanage Directorate is entrusted jointly with the Sahlgrenska Hospital Building Directorate to receive, preserve and administer my estate in its entireness in their capacity as Directors of These Establishments.
As I have thus demonstrated my devotion to my Place of Birth and my state of mind towards its luckless and destitute inhabitants, I am enjoined by friendship and Kinship to acknowledge my two brothers, James Chalmers and Charles Chalmers, also for such time they are not espoused and have no legitimate issue of their own and in such instances in which they find themselves beyond the frontiers of the realm, and I hence direct that the interest on and yield arising from the property which I legate following my passing shall devolve upon them in equal parts as long as they both shall live although should either of them decease, the yield thus arising shall pass in full to the survivor and following the demise of the survivor the aforementioned establishments shall be appointed in their stead and utilise in full that which is instructed and assigned above.
Immediately following my passing, one of the second deputies of the aforesaid Directorate, together with my friends County Treasurer Åkerman, Councillor Hammarberg and Niclas Oterdahl Esquire, ably assisted by Bookkeeper Winberg, shall with the requisite promptness take into their charge my estate, assume control of the inventory thereof and disburse to the Institute for the Dumb and Blind in Stockholm the sum of eight thousand three hundred and thirty-three riksdaler 16 Banco /Rll8333.16Bco/, which shall be held in the custody of the Court of Chancery in Stockholm in such manner that no more than the interest thereon may be used by the aforesaid establishment.
To my Servant, Jonas Rosengren, in recognition of his many years of devoted service, I give, devise and bequeath the sum of one thousand four hundred riksdaler Banco /Rll1,400Bco/, likewise my Apparel, excepting the Linen garments, which I hereby render to him as a gift.
Louis Bonvalets, who similarly finds himself in a weak and ailing state, has with great faith and devotion served me for many years and in recognition thereof, should he perchance survive me, I give, devise and bequeath to him the sum of three hundred and thirty-three riksdaler, 16B /Rll333.16Bco/per annum for the duration of His existence on this Earth.
Miss Greta Jungberg shall by the same token, for her many years of staunch and unfailing service, be in receipt of a bequest of one hundred and sixty-six riksdaler, 32 Banco /Rll166.32Bco/. Likewise, maid Catharina Nyqvist, who even now is tending to me with true kindness of heart during my existing illness, the sum of one hundred riksdaler Banco /Rll100.Bco/.
In recompense for their endeavours pertaining to the inventory and execution of my estate in accordance with my dictates, I legate to the above-mentioned friends and Executors of my Will and Testament the sum of three thousand riksdaler Banco /Rll3,000. Bco/ and to Bookkeeper Winberg remuneration of, as to date, six hundred and sixty-six riskdaler, 32 Banco /Rll666,32. Bco/ per annum until such time all matters have been duly concluded. Should any of the aforementioned Gentlemen and Friends suffer their demise in the interim, the second survivor and the third survivor shall be appointed in the stead of the departed.

On this 11th day of June 1811 in Gothenburg, I set my hand hereunto in the presence of the especially summoned witnesses.
W. Chalmers
(Wax seal)

We, the witnesses hereby summoned, certify that the Chancellery Councillor and Knight Commander, being of sound mind and of his own volition, has set his hand to the aforesaid Will and Testament in our presence.
J. Troilius        David Low        Chr. Carlander

On this 17th day of July 1811, the above provisions and addenda to the Will and Testament dated the 18th day of June last, both of which under sealed cover have been in the safekeeping of the City Court, were opened in the presence of the parties concerned, read aloud and entered into the Book of Remembrance with the decision contained therein that, together with the transcripts of the Will and Testament, they shall be forwarded to the immediate heirs of now deceased Chancellery Councillor and Knight Commander Chalmers, on due observance of Chapter 18, paragraph one of the Inheritance Code, for the purposes of Contestation within the appointed time should there be rightful and justified reason therefor. Endorsed and attested, Gothenburg City Court, Ut Supra.
Ad Mandatum
Gustaf Bask    

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