Symbolic image for Chalmers Climate Strategy Area 7: Sustainable asset management

Sustainable asset management

The Chalmers Foundation´s asset management must actively work with sustainability, which means that ecological, social, and financial sustainability is considered when choosing investments. Based on these criteria, the Chalmers Foundation must both include and exclude companies in its management.

The intention is for the management to actively include companies that contribute to a sustainable society through their products, services, or business models.

The Chalmers Foundation excludes companies with production of pornography, as well as companies that own fossil resources for exploitation. Companies whose turnover to more than five percent relates to the production of alcohol, tobacco, weapons or betting are also excluded.

These sustainability criteria refer to all investments, including interest-related instruments. The asset management is regulated by Chalmers´ financial policy.

Page manager Published: Fri 16 Sep 2022.