Earth's atmosphere seen from space

Chalmers for the climate

Chalmers’ goal is to work towards a sustainable future. That vision permeates everything we do.

The largest and most important contribution we make is through our research. New technology, know-how, measurement procedures, products and manufacturing processes benefit society and we deploy our well-developed innovations system to establish ways – both locally and globally – to implement change. 

The vision is also reflected in our courses. The environment and sustainable development course has been compulsory for all students for the last 30 years, and our courses contain elements that clearly link current and future societal challenges. This means that the 3,500 or so students who graduate from Chalmers every year pass on awareness and new knowledge as they enter their working lives. 

To be a trailblazer, we therefore have to practise what we preach. This is why we have produced a climate strategy to reduce the burden created by our own activities and clarify our contribution towards achieving a green economy. By the year 2030, our greenhouse gas emissions will be halved compared with the base year 2019 – and by 2045, our net emissions will be zero.

Page manager Published: Mon 24 Oct 2022.