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About Five Star Campus

Test beds for sustainable solutions

Five Star Campus brings together, visualizes and communicates exciting projects at Chalmers campuses in the field of sustainability. The campuses at Chalmers should be perceived to be open, attractive and sustainable. They should awaken curiosity and stimulate innovation and in easily accessible ways enhance understanding of the sustainability research undertaken at Chalmers.

Five Star Campus is aimed at developing the campus areas so that they attract international attention and are perceived to be attractive, experimental environments that embody and give a visible shape to Chalmers’ vision “For a sustainable future”. Campuses should express the image of Chalmers as an innovative world-class university – spending time on our campuses should be fun!
We are seeking to create several challenge driven test and demonstration projects in collaboration with the academic and industrial sectors and wider society to strengthen the transition to sustainable systems. The campus areas are well suited to such collaborative projects for a number of reasons. On the one hand, they are centrally located and coherent areas with few property owners, which makes them somewhat more controlled environments than ordinary city districts, which normally have a large number of property owners and other stakeholders. On the other hand the people on campus are our main asset: thousands of tech-savvy and community-minded students, researchers and other employees contributing their own innovative ideas and commitment to test and demo projects. Chalmers' collaboration with business and society is an asset to the program and is deepened within the projects.

Some initiatives in Five Star Campus are highly visible and easily accessible in the physical campus environments, while others require slightly more curiosity to track down. Five Star Campus strives to actively visualise and communicate the test and demonstration projects initiated in the campus areas. 

Our three campuses

The Johanneberg and Lindholmen campuses operate under different conditions and the projects on each site focus on somewhat different themes. There are many projects under way at Johanneberg in the field of sustainable energy solutions and test beds and demo projects in the area of urban development. The Lindholmen campus is characterised by a diversity of stakeholders whose main focus is on the automotive industry and ICT. Here you can find several test and demo projects within the mobility sector.

Onsala Space Observatory on the Onsala peninsula south of Gothenburg, where parts of the Department of Space, Earth and Environment is located, houses exciting world-class research strongly associated with sustainability.

Test bed walk

Chalmers University of Technology can be experienced in many different ways, one of them being through the research undertaken, demonstrated, tested and visualised on the campus areas. At Johanneberg we bring together the projects most worth visiting in a testbed tour, which can be combined with study visits or other types of events, or simply make a meeting stand out and be more inspiring.
Depending on the occasion and requirements, it is possible to engage a project manager or researcher who will provide a more detailed commentary for all or parts of the tour.​ Contact us at Five Star Campus for more information.​

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