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Why the student union is constantly changing
You probably have memories from the recreational facility in Härryda? A place acquired in 1937 to give us Chalmerists a break from city noise and hard studying. The number of students has since multiplied and today we are around 11,000. I thought I would say a few words about how we can best enable current and future Chalmerists to be given the chance to enjoy a break.

My name is Philip Radtke and I am the president of the students' union for the fiscal year 2014/2015.
For me, Chalmers began in 2010 when I started my studies at the Construction Engineering program. Now, four years later I am continuing my studies at the Department of Applied Acoustics. I could never have believed this  the first day at Götaplatsen, my plan was to spend three years studying and then start working. I would be completely focused on studies, exams and my thesis. Oh how wrong I was; there is so much more on offer at Chalmers than just studies and usually under the direction of the student union.
It can be hard to keep up to date with what is happening within the student union, whether you graduated a year or thirty years ago.  The world is changing and so are we. We constantly strive for improvement and that is my motivation!
Currently, one of the largest projects is called Student Activity Centre in the Countryside. Our recreational facility is in dire need of renovation and last autumn the council adopted a vision for the area.  Suggestions for this project along with models and further information can be perused at the Student Union Office in the Student Activity Centre at Johannebergsgatan and also via this link:
Lastly, I’d like to thank you; it is after all, you who built up the operation and the organization to what it is today. If you would like to support our operation, without obligations, we can provide you with the option of becoming a supporting member. More information is available at:
Philip Radtke, v10

Published: Thu 12 Mar 2015. Modified: Mon 08 Feb 2016