Jan-Olof Ohlsson - Chairman CING

The Chalmers Alumni Association (CING) builds solidarity. CING, is the largest alumni association in Sweden. Despite this, Chairman Jan-Olof Ohlsson still like to see more Chalmers alumni become members.
 Jan-Olof OhlssonIn brief, what is The Chalmers Alumni Association?
-An association for those who have studied at Chalmers. The association was formed in 1907 and works as a uniting link for Chalmerists worldwide, and as a link to Chalmers. We have a large number of local associations in both Sweden and abroad. At the moment we have some 13 000 members.
What do you do?
Our ambition is to retain and continue to build a strong organization to benefit both members and Chalmers. We build up fellowships between Chalmerists, construct networks and promote and strengthen the Chalmers reputation. We work closely with, and in the same direction as Chalmers. Chalmers has an excellent reputation and this benefits both Chalmers and everyone who has studied at Chalmers.
Who are you and why are you involved with CING?
I am a Chalmerist with a lot of experience in management, primarily in IT and organization. I’m a Chalmers enthusiast – right from my student years I have been very much involved in Chalmers activities such as the Teknologföreningen CS board, the Alliansorchestra and Chalmersspexet.
I continued with voluntary work after I had graduated, including working on volume six of Chalma Mater, the history of Chalmers. I’ve also helped out with new versions of Chalmersspex (Chalmers student rag parade), this leading to my joining the CING board. I took over the chair in Spring 2014.
What is the advantage of joining CING?
Every new member makes CING that much stronger. Members can participate in our activities in various places. Chalmerists receive our Avançons magazine and a catalogue listing all graduate Chalmerists, amounting to 54 000 people. And CING has influence – we meet regularly with the Chalmers president and management and we have contacts with people in top positions within the Swedish business community.
How important are the regional associations?
They are important to newcomers to a region. Local associations enable contact with other Chalmerists in the vicinity. People can get to know, support and act as mentors for each other. It’s all about practical advice and assistance and, of course, finding good company.
Of course, when anyone wants to start up a local association we help out in any way we can.
For more information please visit the CING website:

Published: Thu 12 Mar 2015. Modified: Mon 08 Feb 2016