Ni hao future Chalmerists!

Beginning of April Chalmers paid a visit to China and welcomed future Chinese students via our so called “pre-departure events”. These popular events are organized by Next Stop Chalmers in collaboration with our Alumni office​ and is a way of greeting admitted students as well as providing them with information ahead of their big adventure to Sweden. 

This spring events were held in both Beijing and Shanghai and apart from invited students and flown in staff from Chalmers, guests included members of the Swedish Embassy, Consulate General of Sweden, visa and migration experts, Swedish exchange students and of course helpful Chalmers alumni who shared all their thoughts about how it is being a Chinese student moving to Gothenburg and studying at Chalmers.

After presentations and further information the events finished with mingle, a great deal of food, and of course a mandatory groupie photo session….

Please watch the space for all future visits from Chalmers and do not hesitate to contact us if you are a student or alumni and would like to participate next time we are in your city! Visit Next Stop Chalmers site>>

For more photos from the event, please see the following link to flickr>>​ 

Published: Thu 14 Apr 2016.