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Doctoral Degree Conferment Ceremony

Chalmers was given the right to confer doctorates in 1940. Since then 11 jubilee doctors, 215 honorary doctors3 279 PhDs (Engineering), 353 PhDs (Philosophy), 3 PhDs (Economics) and one PhD (Medicine) and have been conferred. 

Chalmers organizes a Doctoral Degree Conferment Ceremony every year.


At the solemn ceremony, the new PhDs receive their symbols of honour: a diploma, a hat and a ring. 

(Chalmers hands out diplomas and the hat and the ring is bought by the PhD voluntarily).

 Jubilee doctor is a title earned by individuals who received their doctoral degrees fifty years earlier at Chalmers University of Technology.

At the Conferment Ceremony, honorary doctorates are awarded to distinguished individuals from Sweden and abroad. The honorary doctors receive all three symbols of honour: a hat, a diploma and a ring.

NEW! Due to the situation with the coronavirus outbreak and the remaining restrictions, Chalmers' Doctoral Degree Conferment Ceremony 2020 will be merged with 2021.

New date: May 29, 2021


New location: The Congress Hall, Swedish Exhibition Center
Entrance 8, Mässans gata 8, Gothenburg

Location: Kårrestaurangen, Chalmersplatsen 1.

Upcoming Conferment Ceremony:

May 29, 2021

Location: The Gothenburg Concert Hall, Götaplatsen


For further information on the ceremony and the banquet please contact Events;


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