Information about the conferment

Invitation and registration
The invitation is sent out every year to all those who have had their doctoral degree issued from the year before. The invitation will be sent via e-mail in January to addresses registered in Ladok. Instructions for how to register for the conferment ceremony can be found in the invitation. If you want to update your e-mail address, please contact Ladok.

The doctoral degree conferment ceremony usually takes place on a Saturday in May, with mandatory rehearsal on the same day.

All who have had their doctoral degree issued are welcome to participate in the conferment ceremony. The invitation will automatically be sent to those who have submitted their degrees since last year's conferment.

Doctor Hat
All new doctors are welcome to order their doctor's hat from hat maker Lisa Franzén:

The hat maker needs the order latest (date will soon be published). 
It is not mandatory to wear a doctor's hat to participate in the conferment.
For those who choose to attend the ceremony with a doctor's hat can bring it at the rehearsal.

Doctor Ring
All new doctors who choose to participate in the conferment ceremony have the opportunity to order a doctor's ring. Ordering a doctor's ring is optional and can be ordered from:

Hovjuvelerare Martin Johansson, Kungsportsavenyn 27, tel 031-16 00 50

Everyone who participates in the conferment ceremony receives a diploma, which is taken care of by the university. The diploma does not replace the certificate of doctoral degree obtained from the Office of Degree.

Dress code at the ceremony
Those attending the ceremony and banquet should wear white tie/full dress. This means a coat with white vest and white bow tie or long dress in any colour.
For guests who only attend the ceremony, Dress code informal, Dark lounge suit.

The ceremony is free.
The banquet is free for Promovendi and one accompanying guest. In addition, it is possible to bring two guests who pay a price of 795 SEK / person.
Payment information is sent when registration is closed.

The conferment ceremony is photographed by a specially hired photographer. Some pictures will be on the web after the conferment.
The opportunity for guests to take pictures during the ceremony is most welcome, however, all guests are asked to stay in their seats throughout the ceremony.

Promovendi has the opportunity to invite guests to the ceremony which is an open event. There is a possibility for two guests and one for the banquet.


Children are welcome to attend the ceremony. However, parents or adults accompanying them should be prepared to go out into the foyer if the children find it difficult to sit still or keep silent. Seats at the ceremony are not reserved. If bringing along small children who may need to go out during the ceremony, you should arrive early and take a seat near the exits.

The banquet takes place in the Kårhusrestaurangen, Campus Johanneberg, with gathering and drinks at. 18.00, dinner at. 18:30. The dinner is followed by dance to the big band orchestra. The price is SEK 795 for the accompanying guest.

Dress code at the banquet
White tie/full dress coat with white vest and white bow tie or long dress in any colour.

Page manager Published: Fri 17 Jun 2022.