Holger Bohlin – Chalmers' medal 1992

Portrait of Helger Bohlin.Professor Holger Bohlin born 1921; M.Sc. in Business and Economics, 1946 at the Stockholm School of Economics. Following a successful industrial career as head of the Swedish Shoe Industry Research Institute; CEO of the Swedish MTM-association, CEO and co-founder of the Industrial Management Consultancy firm: Bohlin & Strömberg, he was appointed Professor in Industrial Management at Chalmers University of Technology in 1969; a chair he held until his retirement in 1986. He continued to serve Chalmers in a part-time capacity as Dean of the Industrial Management Section.

During his tenure at Chalmers, he systematically worked to develop the field of Industrial Management to benefit Chalmers. He formed the department of Industrial Management to be a dynamic knowledge organization through engaged collaboration with many of Sweden’s leading industrial enterprises and involved collaboration across all educational sections of Chalmers. He was a successful lecturer who inspired many students to engage in research in Industrial Management. He initiated and co-founded the Institute for Industrial Evolution (INDEVO, 1971) and the Institute for Management of Innovation and Technology (IMIT). 

As founding Chairman, he contributed greatly to the development of Chalmers Industriteknik (CIT); a foundation with the mission to intensify and enhance research collaboration between Swedish Industry and Chalmers. Similarly, he engaged in the creation and development of Chalmers Innovation Corporation (CIAB); which provides an incubation environment for seed companies located at Chalmers. Furthermore, he initiated the yearly Chalmers Executive Seminars, a meeting ground for Industrial Leaders with Leaders in Science. In parallel with his many engagements to serve Chalmers he also was non-executive director on Boards of several leading Industrial Manufacturing Companies and of Financial Sector Companies. 

Holger Bohlin’s deep interest in, understanding and knowledge of the management needs and international competitive challenges across Swedish Industry has contributed greatly to the development of Chalmers and expanding the boundaries of the engineer´s profession by integrating and combining the technology know-how and the industrial management areas of knowledge.

Photo: Erik Holgersson

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