Web organisation

Camilla Jacobsohn, Head of depratment at the Communications and Marketing at Chalmers has the overall responsibility for this website.

Central web organisation

The coordination and development of the website as a whole is governed by a web administraion consisting of representatives from the offices of Communications and Marketing and IT. The central web administration is responsible for planning, prioritizing and overseeing development work for the site.
Business solution manager: Kristina Risberg​ (Commuications and Marketing)
Business solution manager IT: Emanuel Jönsson (IT department)
The work is performed with the assistance of a number of object specialists like communications officers, web masters and web developers. The central web organisation can also be reach via the e-mail address webmaster@chalmers.se

Web editors

The Chalmers.se website is divided in the main areas "education", "research", "collaboration" and "about Chalmers". An appointed web editor is responsible for content and structure for each of these areas. Every department and area of advance website also have an appointed web editor. If you find errors on the websites or have suggestions for improvements on content or structure, your primary contact should be with the web editor for the website in question. 

Central web editors

Main area ​Web editor
Landing page  

News sections
Anita Fors / Johan Wetterberg​(contact: redaktion@chalmers.se​)
Christian Borg
​Education Cecilia Hillman / Abhilash Ram​
​Anita Fors
Johanna Ödman
Areas of Advance Malin Ulfvarson
About Chalmers Johan Wetterberg 

Department web editors

​ ​
Department website Web editor
Architecture and Civil Engineering
Lotta Särnbratt / Gunnel Berggren
Biology and Biological Engineering
Martina Butorac
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Mats Tiborn
Communication and Learning in Science (preliminary name)
Sofia Andersson
Computer Science and Engineering
Anneli Andersson
Electrical Engineering
Yvonne Jonsson
Industrial and Materials Science
Marcus Folino
Mathematical Sciences
Setta Aspström
Mechanics and Maritime Science 
Hiba Fawaz
Microtechnology and Nanoscience
Susannah Carlsson
Anna Wallin
Space, Earth and Environmnent
Christian Löwhagen / Sofie Halldén
Technology Management and Economics
Anna Tullsten

Areas of Advance web editors

​Area of Advance website ​Web editor
​Building Futures ​Agneta Olsson
​Energy ​Agneta Olsson
Information and Communication Technology Malin Ulfvarson
​Life Science 
​Materials Science Per Thorén
​Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
​Production Nina Silow
​Transport Emilia Lundgren

Related websites

NB: The list is incomplete at this time.

Website ​Web editor
​Insidan insidan@chalmers.se
​SAFER Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre Malin Persson
​The Student Portal Åsa Ekvall / studentportalen@chalmers.se
​The Doctoral Portal ​Marja Janusson / doktorandportalen@chalmers.se
GMV, Centre for Environment and Sustainability
Sara Örtegren

Published: Fri 14 Sep 2018.