Chalmers community guidelines on social media

On Chalmers' social media, we share content regarding our operations. Everyone should feel welcome to comment and participate in the public conversation. The purpose of our community guidelines is to create a respectful discourse.

Contributions and comments made on Chalmers’ social media platforms (including direct messaging) become public documents which everyone can take part of when published. If you need to contact us in a sensitive matter, it is better if you do so by phone or e-mail. See contact details​​


The following conditions pertain to comments on our social media:
  • Chalmers University of Technology (Chalmers) is responsible for the page and monitors comments according to regulations contained in the act concerning responsibility for electronic notice boards (the BBS act). This means Chalmers erases comments that are contrary to regulations or are seemed unsuitable in other ways. Chalmers also requires posts to be of acceptable ethical standard. Inspections are made regularly and when posts are published.
  • Chalmers retains the right to remove offensive material from the page when necessary and without pre-warning, information or motivation.
  • You are personally responsible for your comments. If you write something against the law you are responsible for your action. Chalmers reports illegal contributions to the police. Please remember to use a respectful tone when making comments.
  • Chalmers reserves the right to block a user that purposefully and repeatedly violates these guidelines.
  • Chalmers reserves the right to untag Chalmers from posts, photographs and associations that are deemed inappropriate.

Comments shall not contain:
  • Unauthorised publication of material subject to copyright
  • Links to pages containing illegal material
  • Incitement to criminal or other activities illegal according to Swedish law
  • Racial agitation, sexist remarks or other harassment
  • Illegal descriptions of violence or pornography
  • Threats, gossip or lies
  • Slander, personal attack or libellous comments
  • Cursing or obscene expressions
  • Commercial messages
  • Files containing viruses or other software that could damage computers or property
  • Duplicative comments or spam

When you write a comment on the page you guarantee the content is yours and can be published. Your comments can be shared with others and published through other channels. Chalmers retains the right to store and publish content examples and make them accessible to the public without reimbursement to the original author. 


You are responsible for the contributions and comments you publish on our social media in the shape of texts, photographs and films. Texts, photographs and films are protected by the law of copyright. The person who has written the text, taken the photograph or made the film owns the copyright. Consequently, it is important that you yourself are the originator of the material you contribute or that you have the copyright holder’s permission to distribute the material. The copyright holder shall also have provided permission to be named in association with the material.


Should you uncover and wish to report illegal or unsuitable material on our social media, please report this to us through the social platform report function or to e-mail    

Page manager Published: Tue 31 Aug 2021.