UN global goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities

11. Sustainable cities and communities

There is extensive expertise at Chalmers in the modelling, simulation and visualisation of cities. This research forms the basis of the Digital Twin Competence Centre, which builds 3D models of cities to improve urban planning tools. Simulation is an important tool for the study of topics such as the spread of air pollution, wind loads on buildings or traffic flows in cities. 

Chalmers is a research partner in the national innovation programme for smart and sustainable cities – Viable Cities.

The continued pace of urbanisation worldwide places increasing demands on city transport systems, thus giving rise to sustainability challenges of many kinds – financial, environmental and social. The Transport Area of Advance takes a holistic approach to Chalmers’ research initiatives in the transport area.

Chalmers is also a member of Mistra Urban Futures, an international research centre for sustainable urban development. The research centre adopts a cross-disciplinary approach with the aim of providing the knowledge and tools required to create green, fair and accessible cities. The centre has four local platforms in Cape Town, Kisumu, Gothenburg and Manchester. 

You can find additional projects by searching the Chalmers research database research.chalmers.se/en.

Page manager Published: Wed 07 Sep 2022.