UN global goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

12. Responsible consumption and production

Researchers at Chalmers are involved in working on materials for energy generation and storage, medical and pharmaceutical technologies, mechanical designs and functional foods as well as automotive and transport systems. These areas are the key to achieving a sustainable society and addressing future challenges. 

Research into attitudes, behaviours, business models and trends in consumption is undertaken in various departments at Chalmers. Research projects include the production of food products from new sources, attitudes to drinking water, product life cycles, studies in reuse, transitions in the transport sector and much more besides.

The Production Area of Advance is specifically involved in studying new resource-efficient and energy-efficient manufacturing processes for the transition to more sustainable methods of production. This includes designing the products we use in our everyday life so that they contribute to a reduction in the use of resources and are attractive to reuse.

The Materials Science Area of Advance contributes to the development of new materials required to improve the performance of existing products and systems. The development of new materials also paves the way for completely new solutions. 

Researchers in the Department of Space, Earth and Environment have developed an app in which users can record and monitor their own emissions of greenhouse gases, to enhance awareness of the way in which our consumption affects the climate and environment.

You can find additional projects by searching the Chalmers research database research.chalmers.se/en.

Page manager Published: Thu 02 Jan 2020.