Time to change perspective

​Welcome to Chalmers Day for a Sustainable Future, 18th of February – a day to inspire us to think in new ways to find unconventional solutions and see new perspectives. From the smallest molecule to the endless universe, over time and through cultures. And how we, by means of new perspectives, can change our picture of ourselves. If you wish to attend please register at: www.hdagen2015.axaco.se.

Selection from the day:
  • Virtual 3D tour through the cosmos that provides you with several new perspectives. Put the 3D glasses on and tag along: in time, in scale and inside science.
  • The importance of freedom of speech, religious tolerance and equality to a sustainable future. The problems we need to solve in order to handle the rights and freedoms of different groups in a pluralistic society. Lina Thomsgård, founder of Rättviseförmedlingen (Equalisters), Eric Schüldt, Sveriges Radio, Gabrial Byström, head of cultural services Göteborgs-Posten, Göran Larsson, professor of science and religion.
  • To Mars to develop sustainability on Earth. How can a manned journey through space to Mars be compared with the African bush in order to understand the interplay between people, matter and changes over time?
  • How does society develop when that over which we have no control gathers increasing power? Such as e.g. decentralised energy systems. 
  • Food on campus – researchers, Chalmers catering staff and students meet in a future oriented discussion about how we can eat according to our ideals.
  • Abolishing corruption – is increased transparency and access to information enough?
  • IT as a tool to improve health and quality of life in the developing countries.
  • Chemistry – a threat to, or an opportunity for, sustainable development.
  • A journey in time from the transport perspective with focus on the automobile. How have we travelled? How will we travel in future? Are we almost at the point we once thought was only science fiction? 

Full programme at the Swedish site


Published: Thu 06 Nov 2014. Modified: Tue 03 Feb 2015