Sustainability policy for Chalmers

All operations at Chalmers must contribute towards fulfilling the Chalmers vision: Chalmers – for a sustainable future. Chalmers’ remit is to create and disseminate knowledge, skills and solutions that benefit everyone, both the individual and society. The remit includes an undertaking to act ethically and sustainably, whether internally, locally or globally. We accept the challenges in the UN’s global sustainability goals and want to inspire others in the transition to a green economy.

  • Our students must have access to an internationally recognised world-class education that enables them to make a difference in the transition to a green economy and to contribute to sustainable development in society and the business sector.

  • Excellent research must enable Chalmers employees to contribute to quality long-term solutions to current and future challenges.

  • Effective sustainable utilisation must enable us to collaborate with the world around us to propel development towards a sustainable and climate neutral society.

  • We must create an excellent internal environment for students and employees, with campuses that reflect our ambitions in the transition to a green economy and sustainable development.

We must constantly improve and evaluate our sustainability efforts where legislation and other requirements provide minimum levels to protect the environment and prevent pollution. We want to reduce our environmental impact by taking responsibility for that impact as regards procurement, waste management, use of chemicals, emissions from travel and energy consumption. The allocation of responsibility for our sustainability efforts is done in line with our certified environmental management system.

Ref. no. C 2020-0480


Page manager Published: Wed 14 Sep 2022.