CEI - Environmental science perspectives in research and education

CEI, (Chalmers Environmental Initiative), Chalmers environmental initiative was a strategic investment in environment and sustainable development focusing on environmental systems analysis. The goal was to strengthen Chalmers research and education in this field. Scientific work within CEI was led by seven Professors from different Departments at Chalmers. Some of CEI's overarching themes were global resources, energy, climate, land-use planning and economics.

The basic purpose of CEI was to add the environmental perspective to research and education throughout Chalmers. The idea of these seven diversified Professorships was to achieve a critical mass that in total would work an influence and get everyone at Chalmers, from student to President, to head in the same direction. Not in the sense that everyone would study or research environmental issues in particular, but rather to encourage everyone to reflect over their own role in how we affect our environment.
The investment was initiated in 2000 when Chalmers Foundation allocated SEK 100 million to start CEI. The project ended in 2008.

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