Over-The-Air Test Environment

Start date
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2012
​The project aims at straightening existing question marks about the impact of different propagation environments in testing of cellular radio equipment. Modern communication systems take advantage of multipath scattering in order to produce higher data rates and/or more stable communication. Therefore there is an ongoing discussion in the community how to define test systems to produce representative scattering environments.
An important goal of the project is to identify the significant parameters needed for accurate and relevant characterization of multi-element antenna systems. These parameters can be of either spatial or temporal nature, such as power-delay-profile, coherence bandwidth, and angular distribution, and will be system specific. Related to this is the need for determining and controlling these parameters in the measurement system, for this we will build on previous results from the OTA project. The goal is to find test scenarios (reference environments) which in the simplest possible way give a full characterization of the antenna configuration and give relevant performance numbers for the environments in which it will be used.
The project is a continuation of the Chase stage II project MIMO Terminals 2 and Over-The-Air (OTA) Test environment for cellular radio systems. The knowledge, methods and software developed in these projects provide a solid background for the proposed project.
This is a Chase project.
Researchers: Charlie Orlenius, Bluetest AB, PhD student Ahmed Hussain, Chalmers

Academy: Chalmers
Institute: SP
Industry: Bluetest AB

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