Graphene Spintronics

Start date 01/11/2012
End date 31/12/2022

The unique band structure and low spin-orbit interaction in graphene led to the observation of fascinating electronic properties and long spin coherence length. The aim of this project is to develop spin based electronics beyond CMOS architectures for integration of non-volatile memory and logic functionalities in a single device. The approach is to utilize spin polarized currents in graphene for all spin-logic applications. Such devices use ferromagnets to store information and communicate between them by using a spin current in graphene. By careful design of experiments we aim to achieve efficient spin injection, long distance spin transport, and spin manipulation in graphene. While aiming to address the fundamental issues of improving spin parameters in graphene, we also aim to demonstrate the spin transfer torque switching of nano-magnets using pure spin currents in graphene. 
​Chalmers Nano Area of Advance

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