ACCSEAS-Accessibility for Shipping, Efficiency Advantages and Sustainability

The ACCSEAS project addresses improved maritime access to the NSR by developing & implementing e-Navigation with a transnational frame work. A North Sea e-Navigation test-bed will be established to demonstrate proof-of-concept solutions. ACCSEAS enables service providers, researchers & suppliers to develop e-Navigation regional services and prototype novel marine navigation & communication concepts. ACCSEAS provides the basis for alleviation for congestions, bottlenecks and accident risk, improving NSR access, with sustained cooperation & actions after the project.

  • Establish the specific regional requirements for the NSR e-Navigation test-bed as the foundations of an e-Navigation service provision in the North Sea. The focus is on the regional priorities at the locations within the NSR, identifying the need for e-Navigation solutions through basic analysis of trends in maritime traffic and the growth of NSR maritime transport routes.
  • Develop a convergent overarching architecture and inform the development of standards for the NSR e-Navigation services at key locations in the region which upgrade the region’s maritime accessibility and takes into account criteria for harmonisation and integration of e-Navigation between national service providers.
  • Implement prototype systems and infrastructure to provide resilient positioning of vessels and robust navigation information for shipping in the North Sea.
  • Implement a number of e-Navigation prototype services, based on geographical and functional extensions of EfficienSea and Monalisa, to prove their value for improved NSR accessibility and safety of navigation.
  • Demonstrate successful prototypes for ship-to-shore services, underpinned by accurate and robust ships’ positioning, to prove the concept of e-Navigation and its ability to improve maritime access at the regional scale.
  • Establish the basis for current and future development of e-Navigation in the NSR. Build on the results of the ACCSEAS project, providing an enduring framework for post-project maritime access improvements to the NSR, ensuring sustainable maritime development and economic growth for the North Sea.
All project members
  • General Lighthouse Authorities of UK and Ireland
  • Chalmers University of Technology
  • Thomas Porathe
  • Danish Maritime Safety Administration
  • Federal Waterways and shipping Administration
  • Rijkwaterstaat, Ministerie Infrastructur en Milieu
  • Swedish Maritime Administration
  • Norwegian Coastal Administration
  • SSPA Sweden AB
  • NHL Hogeschool Leeuwarden, maritime instituut Willem Barentsz
  • World Maritime University

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