Initiative Seminar: Green, Safe, and Efficient Transports​​​

It is time for this year's Initiative Seminar held by Chalmers Transport Area of Advance. The seminar will be held the 16th of October at Elite Park Avenue Hotel, Kungsportsavenyn 36 in Goth​enburg.

Green, Safe and Efficient are keywords in our efforts to contribute to education, research and innovation to the actors involved in developing the transport solutions of tomorrow.

The Initiative Seminar is limited to 150 attendants. An administrative fee of SEK 500 will be incurred by not showing up. You can pass your registration on to a colleague.


​09:00-10:00 - Startup and registration 
Registration begins with coffee and a breakfast sandwich.
10:00-10:10 - Welcome
Anna Dubois, Director of Chalmers Area of Advance Transport.
10:10-12:30 - Autonomous Transport Solutions
Moderator: Anna Nilsson-Ehle
Key note - "Autonomous vehicles - the key to a safe, sustainable transport system?" 
Professor Chris Gerdes, Stanford University
Professor Gerdes' research centers on the application of dynamic modeling to problems in nonlinear control, estimation and diagnostics. Specific areas of interest include the development of driver assistance systems for lane keeping and collision avoidance, modeling and control of novel combustion processes for Internal Combustion engines and diagnostics for automotive drive-by-wire systems. Prior to joining Stanford, Professor Gerdes was the project leader for vehicle dynamics at the Vehicle Systems Technology Center of Daimler-Benz Research and Technology North America. His work at Daimler focused on safety analysis and simulation-based design of heavy trucks for the Freightliner Corporation.
Projects in collaboration: Stepping stones to the fully automated transport system
Suzanne Andersson (Göteborg stad), Eric Coelingh (Volvo Cars), Christian Grante (Volvo), Susanne Planath (Swedish Transport Administration), and Pether Janevik (AstaZero) will present initiatives such as the DriveMe-project and AstaZero proving ground and discuss the implementation challenges for automated vehicles.
Researchers' perspectives on the road to autonomous vehicles in a safe, sustainable transport system
Professor Jonas Sjöberg, Chalmers, will chair presentations from a broad field of research areas at Chalmers and KTH and lead the discussion on research challenges in the introduction of autonomous vehicles. Participants: Professor Jonas Sjöberg (Chalmers), Professor Erik Ström (Chalmers), associate Professor Marina Papatriantafilou (Chalmers), Assistant Professor Christian Berger (Chalmers), Assistant Professor Nicole Kringos (KTH), and associate Professor Mathias Lidberg (Chalmers).
12:30 -13:15 - Lunch
13:15-14:40 - Fossil Free Transport
Moderator: Maria Grahn
Electrified roads: igniting the future!
Dr Nils-Gunnar Vågstedt, Head of Hybrid system development, Scania
Taylor-made fuels: how and why?
Prof Ingemar Denbratt, Dept. of Applied Mechanics, Chalmers
New battery technologies for sustainable transport systems
Prof Aleksandar Matic, Dept. of Applied Physics, Chalmers
LCA of electric vehicles: learnings for stakeholders
Anders Nordelöf, PhD student, Dept. of Energy and Environment, Chalmers
Electric vehicles: the consumer perspective
Frances Sprei, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Energy and Environment, Chalmers
Reflections: Academia navigating towards fossil free transport
Dr Anders Ådahl, Area of Advance Energy, Chalmers.
14:40-15:10 - Coffee 
15:10-16:30 - Urban Freight
Moderator: Dan Andersson
Global developments and future urban freight systems
Professor Michael Browne, University of Westminster and University of Gothenburg

The first Freight Plan in Stockholm: nine measures for better accessibility
Märta Brolinson and Erik Levander, Stockholms stad
"Stadsleveransen" and urban freight solution inGothenburg 
Christoffer Widegren, The city of Gothenburg, Urban Transport Administration 

Systematic evaluation – key to a successful implementation of sustainable urban logistics measures. The case of Stadsleveransen
Sönke Behrends, Dept. Technology Management and Economics, Chalmers 

Smart city distribution with a consolidation centre
Staffan Bolminger, Head of Sustainability and R&D, Älvstranden Utveckling AB
A critical reflection on urban freight - urban form
Professor Anders Hagson, Dept. of Architecture, Chalmers
16:30-17:00 - Concluding Discusson: Future Outlook
Moderator: Magnus Blinge
Chris Gerdes, Michael Browne, Anders Ådahl, Trent Victor, and Frances Sprei

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