Realtidsoptimering av krossanläggninar

​Information om projektet (endast tillgänglig på engelska)

Real Time Optimization

During a long time it has been desirable to optimize the settings of a crushing plant in real time. If the settings of the process can be adjusted continuously to compensate for variations the yield in the process can be maximized in every moment. In total an optimal crushing result on the basis of the existing conditions can be achieved.
Optimization of a crushing plant can be implemented in real time if a feedback connection from the produced material is introduced. Feedback presupposes good enough sensors which directly or indirectly can tell the particle size distributions and control algorithms which persuade the result of the process in the desired direction. This project, Real Time Optimization of Crushing Plants, aims to develop technologies and methods which admit feedback and control in order to maximize the product yield in fragmentation processes.



Real Time Optimization of Crushing Plants är sponsrad av:

  • Swedish Mineral Processing Research Association (MinFo) och Ellen, Walter, and Lennart Hesselman’s foundation for scientific research
  • Development Fund of the Swedish Construction Industry (SBUF)

Sidansvarig Publicerad: må 11 aug 2014.