VGT - Visual GUI Testing

Startdatum 2011-01-01
Slutdatum Projektet är avslutat: 2015-12-31
The main objective of this research is to evaluate the applicability and long-term feasibility of Visual GUI Testing (VGT) in industrial practice. VGT is an emerging technique in practice that uses tool's with image recognition to interact and assert a system under test through its pictorial GUI. As such, this technique has unprecedented capabilities to emulate end-user behavior and automate GUI-based system and acceptance tests.

The research has been performed with several companies and has concluded that the technique is both applicable, e.g. with greater test frequency and defect-finding ability than manual tests, and feasible, i.e. it provides quick positive return on investment due to feasible maintenance costs.

Because of these results the next step of the research includes to use VGT technology to create more advanced test automation solutions, e.g. completely automated exploratory testing. A prototype of such a tool has already been presented but future work is required to improve the tool's applicability and usability in practice. 

In cooperation with Professor Robert Feldt (BTH) and Associate Professor Helena Holmström-Olsson (MAH) Research Area: Software Testing
  • ​Vinnova in association with Saab
  • ​Saab SDS Gothenburg
  • Saab SDS Växjö
  • Saab SDS Järfälla
  • Jeppsen/Boeing
  • Spotify
  • Inceptive
  • Software Center

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