QUANtum Technologies with 2D-OXides

QUANTOX project is committed to the realization and study of a novel technological platform,based on the oxide nanotechnology, for topological quantum computation and quantum information science.The project will introduce novel ideas and methods in quantum scienceand technologies by demonstration of non-abelian anyons in a novel class ofmaterials and ability of their manipulation using the orbital control of thesuperconducting order parameter and of the Rashba spin-orbit coupling. This new methodrelies on the strong sensitivity of oxide 2DEGs to the orbital degrees of freedom, i.e. to theorbital splitting and occupation of 3d-orbitals derived bands.The development and implementation of quantum-gates based on the oxide technology willestablish the fundaments of a new technological platform for the realization of topological quantum computers which promise robustness in the presence of environmental decoherence due its " fault tolerant" nature. The scalability of quantum information technology to multi-qubits operation will be be enhanced by providing a nanotechnology process based on thin-film growth and top-down lithography. An industrially-relevant device technology will be developed through an interdisciplinary approach combining materials science and device physics with quantum information. Possible future on-chip integration with semiconducting technology and RSFQ electronics will also be considered.

Startdatum 2018-03-01
Slutdatum Projektet är avslutat: 2020-12-31

Sidansvarig Publicerad: fr 04 okt 2019.